About A Dink

D.I.N.K.: Dual Income, No Kids. A household status for a couple who both make money and don’t have to spend it on young.

We are a 30 something couple that enjoys good food, travel, and hanging out with friends and family. Our families were shocked when we married because in many ways we are complete opposites. We balance one another well and have plans to create a wonderful, loving, lasting marriage.  We have no children and are currently focused on an aggressive savings plan with hopes of retiring early and enjoying our common life passions. Though we aren’t sure where life will take us, we invite you to come along on our journey and follow our path- for richer or poorer, for better or worse 🙂

Questions, comments, and wisdom may be sent to diaryofadink@yahoo.com


4 thoughts on “About A Dink

  1. Penny and Buck says:

    I love your blog – and happy birthday! Any chance you’ll open up your posts for comments? 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    Love your blog!

    We have a lot in common. DH & I decided very early in our marriage (25 years ago tomorrow!) to live a kid-free lifestyle and have never looked back.

    We are also dedicated to travel, good food and wine, and living below our means.

    How nice to see like-minded folks. There just aren’t that many of us out there.

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