Surrrrprise! I’m back.

Our family has expanded. We bought a cottage and a puppy since I last blogged.


We have also traveled countless places, enjoyed some fantastic meals, and managed to save towards an early retirement during this time. My hope is that I can use my blog to show the places we visit on our trips, collect and exchange recipes from places we have eaten, and also share insight about how to budget, save, and invest if that information is still needed in the blogosphere, as it was many years ago when I started. Unfortunately, while I enjoyed having a place to share back then, I was not in a place to spend the time the blog needed to respond to readers and answer personal requests for budget reviews and assistance while building our own wealth from a negative net worth, when we were selling dvds and ski equipment, to more than half a million dollars net worth and a paid off house almost a decade later.

I am not sure what my life will bring or where this blog will go but I’m happy to report that DH and I are still married, travelling, and enjoying great meals at home and away. I’d like to revive the blog and create a little community here. Stop in, leave a message, and look for more frequent posts about our daily life.


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