Raising Quick Cash: The Push For $1000

Currently we’ve raised $300 cash over the past two months as explained in my last update post here.  While I don’t know that we’re going to make our goal of $1000, I do know that we’ve done very well and will invest in our small but growing portfolio whatever we can raise during this time.

Here are the items we’ll be listing this month:

1) Excess books from the library (we’re hoping to list 1 dozen each) and make $50 total after fees

2) Excess DVDs (my goal is to pick out at least 1 dozen total) for $25 after fees

3) Unused wedding gifts from the storage closet on ebay (perhaps $100-$200 worth of stuff)

4) Our extra t.v. since we upgraded with a dumpster dive last month on craigslist for $25

5) Several lots from an inherited collection on ebay (perhaps $50-$100 for the set- we plan to offer them cheap so they’ll sell but this means we have to do it ourselves instead of giving them to the local ebay store as we had wanted to do)

6) We have a lot of winter jackets.  I’m hoping to list 5 each on ebay to try to reduce the clutter of our clothes closet and make some extra money.  Probably $50 there.

Ideally we’ll list about $500 worth of stuff.  However, at this point, if we can raise an additional $250 from all of this during the month I’ll consider it a great success.  We’ll have $500 to invest in stocks and will probably expand on what is already in our portfolio presently so that we don’t have too much to follow.

I’ll report back later next week once we have everything picked out and listed!


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