10 Frugal Christmas Gifts for 2009

Oops- you mean 2008 right?  This is the 2008 holiday season.  No, I’m looking ahead to the holidays for 2009 which is how DH and I are enjoying yet another “free” holiday season!  We paid for Christmas 2008 last year and will enjoy the fruits of our January labors all month long!

I received an email recently asking what type of frugal Christmas gifts DH and I gave to family and friends.  Generally we do the bulk of our shopping in January (sometimes employing gift cards) to take advantage of 90% off clearance items.  The email suggested that candles and bath products were the only products that could be purchased at this time which would last for a year.  Candles and bath products make lovely non-specific gifts particularly if they are holiday-themed and appropriate to the preferences of the recipient.  However, in the hopes that I can help expand readers’ minds I offer my secret: the gift drawer.

DH and I have 2 large plastic totes which we use as the “gift drawer.”  One is filled with clearance items for gift wrapping (bags, boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons, card tags) and sets of holiday cards which are all purchased at 90% off after the holidays.  We also have non-specific gift bags in a variety of styles and colors in there which can be used for birthdays, weddings, new babies etc throughout the year.  I usually find a few wine bags and/or boxes for $1 or $2 throughout the year at various sales.  When I find a baby or wedding appropriate gift on sale throughout the year (cheap baby clothes, receiving blankets and burp cloths, toasting sets, honeymoon/wedding paraphernalia) I put them in the gift drawer and pull them out as needed.  However, this post is solely focused on holiday gift giving so, without further ado…

This week we packaged up many of the gifts for this holiday season and I thought I’d share a list of 10 actual ideas we used this year to help with your shopping after the holidays.

1)  Wine

DH and I sampled a variety of tasty $5 bottles of “Barefoot” wine last summer and modestly priced bottles including Gabbiano Chianti, Kung Fu girl Riesling, and Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio.  We will wrap up two bottles at $10/each in a wine bag and give those to close friends, including a couple recently engaged and another couple who is celebrating their first year in a new home.  They also make lovely housewarming gifts or holiday party gifts!

cost: $6-infinite depending on the bottle you choose but generally no more than $20


2) Wooden photo album

For those who love pictures but don’t scrapbook the albums offer them a chance to collect all their pictures together from the past year or a special life event this year (wedding, birthday, vacation, retirement party, anniversary) and display them attractively in their home.  Our recipient of the gift this year constantly had loose photos around her home so we hoped this would help her preserve those memories for years to come! These also make fantastic gifts with scrapbook supplies for newlyweds and mamas to be.

cost: $5.99 (at 90% off)

3) Matching photo frames

Attractive frames can highlight a special moment over the past year.  One family member welcomed several new grandchildren this year so we gifted a matching set of photo frames which she can use to display holiday photos of their first holiday together this year, and for years to come.  Of course, we didn’t even know  these babies were coming last January when we purchased the frames but if you look carefully you can find the right recipient for these gifts!

cost: $3 (at 90% off each $16 frame)

4) Holiday Table Setting


Another family member loves to entertain.  She is a wonderful hostess and always knows how to make people feel right at home.  However, the downside to frequent entertaining is that she is always trying to find new eye-catching accessories to impress her visitors.  We found her a lovely set that included a tablecloth, cloths napkins, and matching runner to use for the holiday season last year in her favorite color.  We hoped that she would be able to use it throughout the season so we asked her to open it early.  She loves it and has already sent pictures of her table set and ready for company this weekend!

cost: less than $10 after sales for $100 worth of damask table linens

5) Foodie Gift Packs

We’ve found great deals on foodie gift packs.  Over the years we’ve given “Corona buckets,” “Mexican themed,” “Italian Pasta Packs,” “Tabasco Chili Sets” and “Norman Rockwell Hot Chocolate Packs” at a cost of no more than $10 per pack.  These sets are regularly priced anywhere from $25-$40 at the holidays.  They often contain a food or snack item (which can be replaced if you don’t want to gift the food product a year later) but they also have fun mugs, bowls, games, and trinkets which the recipient will appreciate if they like that particular foodstuff! If they are loaded with snacks, they make great birthday presents for people who have birthdays in the months after the holidays.

cost: $5-$10/set after the holidays

6) Apron

A family member mentioned that she wanted an apron a few months ago and I knew I’d found one last year at the sales so I dug it out of the gift drawer and set it aside for her for this holiday.  As a bonus it’s decorated in her favorite country’s theme and I think she’ll absolutely love it as if it was purchased just for her.

cost: $2.99 (regularly $29.99)

7) Wine Connoisseur Book

I’ve had this one stashed for a few years.   It’s a book with pictures of wines, descriptions of the wines…and a place to record wines you have had.  It also has some places to affix favorite bottle labels.  It’s like a premade wine scrapbook of sorts.  A friend recently went to France to go wine tasting and will absolutely love this gift to record her memories from the trip and future wines she tastes as she is now really into this experience.

cost: less than $5 a few years ago

8 ) Christmas Memories Book


For the couple that got married this year, this is a scrapbook with places to add photos, journal entries, and holiday memories which will inspire an annual tradition of photos and memory keeping that provide joy for years to come.

cost: $2 for a $19.99 book

9) Bath Set

A girlfriend of mine loves “French Vanilla” scent and last year I picked up a 90% off box set of French Vanilla bath and beauty items.  Yes, soaps and bath beads have a place in the gift drawer.  Some people truly need and love the relaxation of soaps and candles to enjoy some “me time” at this time of the year! Also keep an eye out for 2 for 1 Yankee Candle Jars making them just $10 each.

cost: $1.99 for a $10 gift

10) Gardening journal, gloves, and hand lotion

These are separate items which I purchased on various discounts.  We have a friend who gardens and this set of gifts is thoughtful and appreciated at a cost of less than $10 for the gift bag of related items, regularly priced at over $30.

Holiday books and music, creative supplies such as paints/crayons/markers, and bakeware can also be purchased and stored after holiday sales in your gift drawer and gifted a year later without adverse effects.  I hope this post has inspired you to consider setting aside some of your holiday spending money until after the holidays so you can take advantage of sales and get started early for next year!  With a little creativity and patience you can find the perfect recipient for each of your gifts in years to come and spend a lot less money at the holidays!


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