UPDATE: Fall Cash Campaign

DH and I had hoped to raise $1000 in extra cash to invest in the stock market this winter by downsizing and getting rid of stuff we were no longer using this fall.

Currently we’ve raised $300 cash which is disappointing since the big ticket items went for lowest prices possible.  Smaller items are headed to a yard sale in 6 large garbage bags for payoff at a later date.  We normally earn anywhere from $50-$200 depending on how much stuff gets put out at any particular yard sale, the weather conditions, and the quality of our items.

However, we’ve also saved lots of dollars not buying new “stuff” to replace the old stuff and by finding stuff in dumpsters at our complex!  Still, that was not the plan so I’m not going to count it towards our $1000!

Our goals for November were:

unload the recreational equipment

-bring our newly acquired collection to the pawn shop, changed it to a local ebay store based on a great suggestion from a www.networthiq.com member

-dump our clothes on consignment from the annual paring down of the wardrobes

-go through our books and see what we can sell online (including textbooks and coffee table books that we don’t truly love and use)

-bring whatever does not sell to our friend for her spring yard sale

  So, we still plan to go ahead with our final month even though $1000 sounds a bit lofty now that we have $700 cash left to earn.  We will attempt to sell the collection, old books, textbooks, and unused wedding gifts still in the box via internet resources this month.  A couple of ideas that have been generated for this include:






Join me in becoming a seller and not a buyer this holiday season and reinvest what you earn to the stock market to generate future income!


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