DINK-Friendly family movies for the holidays


Yes, DH and I have happily prescreened a variety of family films this past month and whole heartedly recommend the following films for DINK viewing this holiday season.  Whether you’re mentoring a youth, babysitting for family or friends, or just wondering whether the young crowds present at these films will be worth the trouble, rest assured, all of these movies come with very high recommendations!  DH and I normally enjoy a meal out for steak before or after our film while the children show up to the theater with more popcorn, chocolate and soda than most of them can carry (parents usually tote it along behind them).

In THEATERS this holiday season:



Madagascar 2


On DVD for the holidays:

Kung Fu Panda




All four are full of lots of action and laughs and will make for a great afternoon or evening at the movies!


2 thoughts on “DINK-Friendly family movies for the holidays

  1. rebecca says:

    Have you considered any movies outside of those in theaters? For instance, those who want an at home evening, or who want an inexpensive night in?

  2. diaryofadink says:


    Both Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda (suggested above) are available on dvd rentals.

    For an inexpensive night in consider a frozen pizza, a dvd of either of these movies (less than $5 if you rent it without any coupons or movie plans at a large chain), and a few liters of soda.

    Either of these movie ideas can easily entertain up to 2 dozen people for less than $20 or a small family for less than $10!

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