Windfall Wednesday

Well, not every Wednesday will be windfall Wednesday in case some of you were hoping I’d hit some sort of jackpot and planned to do a continuing series… but DH and I are rejoicing today because 3 things have happened this Wed. that have improved our financial situation and we will be financially richer for all of them.  We are always grateful, especially as of late while my hours have been unsteady at work.  Just in time for Thanksgiving 😉


1) Wed morning a buyer finally called from Craiglist and came to pick up my recreational equipment.  I had reduced the asking price significantly and she came and paid me that amount, without further bartering, and took it away.  I know my sporting goods have found a great new home and someone who will really enjoy them so that means a lot to me too!  And today, we’re $200 cash richer!

2) DH went dumpster diving when he went to take the trash out at our apartment complex Wed morning because there were giant t.v.s in there!  No, they aren’t flat screens but yes, they work!  It’s 8 inches (diameter) larger than our old t.v. and just needed to be “degossed” according to DH (yeh, I had to google it too- it has something to do with magnetic fields leaving purple colors on the screen) to improve the color on the screen.  We’ve been lamenting about our small t.v. and how we’d like a 48″ flat screen for Christmas but folks, Christmas has come early, and we have been provided with this new to us t.v. set which is larger than our old one and will provide many hours of cheap entertainment (movies, video games, and even internetting!) in the months and possibly years ahead before we buy our new t.v.!   Yes, I was getting sucked in by all the propaganda lately about how cheap t.v.s are going to be this holiday season… somebody else probably did too when they junked this one.  Savings: Over $700

3) My credit card statement reflected refunds Wed of the four magazine subscriptions I was fraudulently charged for last week.  Ooh, what’s this you say?  Technically, I authorized them to do it ONE YEAR AGO!!!  It was in the fine print when I finished a purchase of ballet tickets online and agreed to a year of magazine subscriptions at $2.  All went according to the deal as I understood it these past 12 months.  No funny charges on my credit cards.  No solicitations for more money.  Just $2 per magazine (4 magazines) on that one charge.  But, now a year later, they renewed me at full price for all four magazines.  No indication that they would do that.  They just went ahead and charged it.  So it cost me another $2 per magazine before I cancelled them but I figure the cost of 1 magazine is usually $4 so we probably got that much enjoyment out of it!  Savings: Over $100 in charges if it hadn’t been caught


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