Rightsizing Your Life


With all the talk about the economy going bad and downsizing, I thought I might discuss one of the ways we are working to rightsize our lives and bring in more cash… and mention a book I just read.

Lately DH and I have been trying to get rid of some possessions we don’t use and generate extra cash in the process.  At first I thought it was going well (as everything went accordingly to plan) but in the last few weeks selling stuff has been such a chore.  We have so much stuff we cannot seem to get rid of despite many attempts.  We want so much stuff (like a big screen t.v. and some new clothes at the top of the list since DH’s dress pants aren’t fitting quite as well as they used to due to weight gain).  And still, we don’t need all the stuff we have right now…

So, our dilemma has become, “rightsizing” our home.  I first read about this word last week when I was reading a book called “Rightsizing your Life” by Ciji Ware.  It’s partly a retirement book to help decide where you should live and what you should do with yourself when making big life changes.  But, I think it’s also valuable as a tool to help you pare down your possessions and really just own the essentials needed to make you happy.


As Suze Orman always says “People first, then money, then things.”

But, to get back to the book, it has seven steps which make it easy to approach rightsizing your own life (or at least your home and closets!).  Taking “baby steps” to improve our lives is so important.  Dave Ramsey, sit down, this is not your book and it’s not your turn.  Sorry, my financial side overwhelms me sometimes.  Since DH and I have been trying to find more things to try to sell and get rid of I think this has been a very helpful book!

Our goals for November:

-unload the recreational equipment which generated a lot of calls but no actual people came to visit it

-bring our newly acquired collection to the pawn shop

-dump our clothes on consignment from the annual paring down of the wardrobes

-go through our books and see what we can sell online (including textbooks and coffee table books that we don’t truly love and use)

-bring whatever does not sell to our friend for her spring yard sale to get it out of the house for the holidays and hopefully generate $50 or so down the road


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