Close-up wildlife encounter

DH and I recently shared a magical experience.  We became one with nature.  Ok, before you stop reading and think I’ve gone loony let me share that this was a really great, once-in-a-lifetime (although I suspect for us it may be one of many experiences as we keep finding cooler and cooler ones each year it seems!), up close and personal encounter with exotic animals.


We played with cubs like this guy above.  How cute is he?  We got to spend four hours playing with the animals and enjoying them!  Last year we got up close and personal with a pair of monkeys abroad and thought that was going to be our best experience ever. Zoos and aquariums just aren’t the same after you’ve already held those animals in your hands and interacted with them in a completely different way.

It was truly an amazing experience and lets you experience life in a completely different way!


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