We’re preparing for our next vacation right now.  We have a lot of packing to do.  We started sorting through the clothes in the closet but have not finished.  My goal is to find a few more outfits that we may be able to sell at the consignment shop.  We were interrupted by out of town guests last week (which was a lot of fun) but it means the house is a bit of a disaster and needs a thorough cleaning and quite a bit of sorting of the stuff that’s leftover to see what we may be able to sell.

I’m disappointed that craigslist has not worked out as well as I had hoped.  I guess I thought I’d have a bite nearly 2 weeks after listing my recreational equipment on there.  No calls, no emails.  My last options are to further reduce the price or to try to shop it around in another locale where the sport is more popular.  Unfortunately the closest locales like that are 1 hour and 1.5 hours away.

Life is fairly mundane right now.  Work, chores, a bit of play in between… fortunately our vacation should liven things up in a few weeks!


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