Abundant Living- $6400

This idea came to me as we have been exchanging our things for quick cash at a variety of places.

How we could earn the money:

Start a part-time cleaning/junk removal business where you keep what you remove.  I can see a huge client base for this: retirees looking to move, children of deceased parents, those who are ill and cannot sort through their things, disabled folks who need your help to bring things up from a basement storage or down from an attic to help them sort… basically, you’re the junk service.  You go through the space in a set amount of time for a nominal amount ($50/hr) and you sort it into 3 boxes (garbage, pawn/trade, yard sale).  Every month you host a huge yard sale at your space and get rid of whatever is too good to throw away but not valuable enough to go to the pawn shop or other store.  Then, whatever you don’t yard sale, you donate to the local goodwill, taking the tax deduction to offset the business earnings.  You could offer the client a percentage of whatever you earn (say 10-20%).  That has to be good for an additional 1-2 thousand dollars/month if you take on 1 job/week and do 1 yard sale/month.  It would probably require an extra 5 hrs/week to go sort through the stuff and clear out the space per client as well as 5-6 hrs/week to shop it around (for all the clients) and then one or two 4 hr yard sale days at the end of each month.  For the really enterprising person, you could hire 2-3 people and pay them minimum wage to help you on an hourly basis.  You could pull down close to $6000/monthly with dedicated workers and just do the supervision and management if you prefer that side of the business.

For some people, organizing/antiquing/pawn shopping is a really fun activity and for them I think this would be a great second income and a way to own your own business!

What we would use the money for:

 DH would quit his job and run this business fulltime.  Part of that monthly income would go back into the business and part of it would go to continue to pay our monthly bills.  I think DH would be thrilled at the prospect of not working anymore and owning his own business 😉

3 things I’m grateful for this week:

-My family is in good health

-DH and I agree that while we will always want for things, we have what we need and we have been provided with enough to meet our needs

-Java chip frappucinos at Starbucks


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