Cash for Stuff

It’s really hard to have to sell stuff.

It feels awkward to sell your personal stuff for cash.  DH took more video games in today to the game store but he exchanged them for credit.  It feels “less slimy” than selling things for cash.  We currently have $100 in store credit for purchase of future games.  I feel that would be a more useful $80 cash in our pockets but he could not bring himself to get the cash.

I also took in videos to exchange today.  We received $2/each video there.  There were at least a dozen movies they would not take.  We have roughly 25 movies now (vhs and dvd) that we will need to bring to the yard sales to sell.  I saw dirty dancing selling new on dvd for $3 today.  No wonder they can’t take many used movies back for more than $1-$2.  What a waste of money, considering those movies cost anywhere from $5-$20 a piece.

Still, it was $24 cash in our pockets.  We listed some items on craigslist today too.  Next week we hit the pawn shops with clothes (which we still need to sort through on our night off next week) and our new inherited collection.  The goal is $1000 in 3 months.  So far, we’ve earned $100.

We’re pressing on…


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