Abundant Living- $3200

 This abundant living project is a great idea I found over at Millionaire Mommy Next Door’s Website  and wanted to implement for myself over the next year.

Basically, it’s an exercise to expand your way of thinking.  Imagine what you would do with $100 the first week.  Double that each week you participate in the project (week 2=$200, week 3=$400, etc).  Consider how you could raise that sum of money to meet your goals and wishes.  Then, express gratitude for something in your life presently. 

The abundance project carries on…

What we’d do with $3200:

 We would take that cruise next month that I saw yesterday.  $900 for 3 weeks of travelling on 3 continents.  I would love it.  What a fun Thanksgiving treat!  Of course, in reality, we’d have to okay the time off from work… but this is my place for dreaming big 🙂

How we’d raise the money:

 I could (and recently did) change my work schedule.  By changing my availability at work, I work fewer hours and get 4 extra bonuses annually!  These bonuses total close to $4000!  After taxes, it’s less than $3200 but it’s still very encouraging.

Three things I’m grateful for this week:

1) Ethnic food- I love that we can go out to eat or visit the grocery store and pickup food from other places while never leaving home.  The only “ethnic” meals my mother had ever eaten at my age were ground beef tacos and chicken chop suey from a can!  My taste buds love to experiment.

2)  A Barnes and Noble nearby- DH and I love to read.  Wherever we move is going to need a large library and ideally, ample bookstore resources, within minutes of our home!

3) Internet Giveaways- DH and I have entered many contests these past couple months.  We won some great free gifts (makeup, books, and gift cards!) just by using our free time to enter them.  It’s been a lot of fun to receive little unexpected gifts that I never would have purchased myself!


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