Just another reason…

Princess Cruise Deal
21-Night Trans-Atlantic Thanksgiving Cruise from $869

for early retirement.

If we were retired we could wait for just the right deal… and strike when the iron was hot.  Like right now!!  We paid $2500 for our November cruise in January and $600 for our flights earlier this summer.  An even cooler cruise, for twice as many days, hitting 3 continents, is being offered for 60% of the price we paid.  Flight costs would still come in quite a bit under what we’ve paid too, all things considered.  Now, I’m not complaining, we’re happy to be leaving in a month… but boy do I wish we could have waited on days like this.  On days when $25/night cruises to the Bahamas are setting sail (see Norwegian Cruise Lines for details) in November I think, man, if we were retired and called the shots on when we work, and where… we could totally take advantage of these deals!!!

Just keep breathing and reminding myself… one more month… one more month…

Eventually, I’d like to be retired early and be choosing my work dates a few times/year instead of my vacation dates!  OR choosing to get away from the hot weather to go to a cooler climate.  Oh, imagine how wonderful that would be…


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