If you give a type A vacation time…

If you give a Type A vacation time…

She’s going to ask for a map and pick a place to visit.

When you give her the map, she’ll probably ask for a guidebook so she can find her way around the new community.

When you give her the guidebook, she’ll probably want to do a bit more updated research and she’ll ask for a laptop and internet connection.

Once she’s plotted a sample itinerary and route she’ll want to plan for any and all incidental needs along the way.  For example, she will research any restaurant within a 2 mile radius of the major sites you’ll be seeing.  Once she’s completed this work, she will probably want a good quality printer and manila folder to store her research inside.

She’ll take that research in the folder and place it in chronological order, starting with the first documents she’ll need such as the airline reservation, flight numbers, and baggage allowances on this plane ride to the very last documents she’ll need including the cab company’s phone number or parking ticket.  She’ll ask for paperclips and a good pen to take with her so that she can keep track of her document use and additional notes.

While on vacation, she will use her pen and paperclips to keep notes on the vacation and constantly refer back to her previous research to ensure a wonderful vacation.  And, as she returns from her vacation and files the notes away, she’ll kick up her feet, joyfully exhausted from the planning, touring and scrupulous notetaking.  This will probably remind her how much she could use a good vacation.


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