AirTran Review

We went away on a mini-vacation this week.  While we were away, we ate at a couple of great ethnic restaurants, enjoyed a few homecooked meals with family in the area, and leisurely relaxed reading books and catching up on movies.  It was a great trip… once we got on the plane.

Of course, the stress of getting in and out of the airport seems to increase with every trip.  We each carried a small bag (a purse for me and a messenger bag for DH) and brought along 1 bag which we were willing to check but fortunately able to carry-on with us at no additional cost.  We flew Airtran for the first time and they provided us with a complimentary snack and soda on the 2 hour plane ride.  Hooray for customer service!  Once we’d stripped our shoes, jackets and bags, and successfully navigated the security line, I felt as though we were on the best plane ride of our lives.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes to have someone provide you with a drink and snack on board.  The staff was extremely kind and courteous to passengers and the lines at the gate moved very efficiently.  We were all boarded in under 10 minutes (approximately 35 rows or so on the plane if I counted correctly with 5 seats across that were almost completely filled!)

While I missed the t.v. on Jet Blue I found the complimentary checked bag, snack and drink plenty satisfying for our getaway this time.  I would definitely fly Airtran again!


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