3 months until Christmas…

It’s official- the holiday season has arrived.

90 days until Christmas.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming up soon.  We went to the mall today and started to sell our stuff.  We made $75 on the first sale.  We came home and set aside 2 dozen movies to sell in the next few weeks.  It’s going to be difficult to keep going door to door to all of these businesses to sell our stuff.  It takes time and energy.  But, mostly, it takes humility.  It’s kind of annoying.  My husband describes feeling “like a lowlife bringing them our stuff and asking for cash.”  It’s not easy to do.  Perhaps next time we are out shopping we’ll remember how difficult it is to sell it when we’re done with it and question how long we’ll have it and whether we truly need it.  Then we can wonder whether or not the purchase is really worth it.  Perhaps our friends and family will ask themselves the same thing.  Quite frankly, much of what we are looking to sell is comprised of gifts that we didn’t really want and never actually used.

I do most of my holiday shopping after the holidays when it clearances to 90% off so besides DH’s gifts, the holiday shopping for this year is already complete.  But it will certainly be an adventure to reverse the process this year.  It almost makes me feel like the grinch 😉 

Add $70 to the investments fund…


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