The Midas Touch

DH and I have been trying to bring abundance into our lives and simultaneously to simplify our lives. 


But, so far we’ve been unsuccessful in our initial attempts to sell stuff.  Technically, we were able to unload over $100 worth of gaming merchandise at less than half its value.  However, because it was at the store, we had the choice of taking it in the form of store credit at 50% value (which we could use in lieu of cash for future allowance/Christmas purchases/etc) or in cash at just 25% value.  We chose store credit and kept the actual gaming system (worth over $100 new) with the intention of reselling that on craigslist for cash.


I tried to unload my gently used sporting equipment at a few nearby sporting goods stores and consignment shops with no luck.  I’m going to list it on craigslist and see if we can find a local buyer who will give us a fair price since the pieces are too large to ship. 


We are also going to sort through the wedding gifts in our storage area that we haven’t opened yet (a lot of things for entertaining and what not- much of which we never registered for) and see if we can craigslist those at the same time.  After 18 months, if it hasn’t been opened, it’s unlikely we truly need it in these next 4 years.  We aren’t doing a lot of entertaining right now or in the near future anyway.


I’m discussing “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill with an online group right now.  In chapter 2, the author suggests identifying the goal, putting specific numbers to it, and then pushing all out to achieve your goal.  We’ve been too lackadaisical about the process of removing the clutter from our lives recently.  We also have not achieved our investment goals in stocks for this year.  So, in the spirit of the book, here’s my goal, written and specific.


Burning Desire:

We want to rid our lives of unnecessary clutter and reinvest the money we’ve wasted (or that other people wasted on our behalf) on “stuff” and reinvest it in stocks to better our financial future.



We want to raise $1000 by Christmas. 

We plan to sell $350 each month in October, November, and December until we meet this goal.

We will continue to find things to sell until we reach this goal.  The short list right now includes: gaming system ($75), sporting equipment ($225), recent collection of stuff we acquired from family to sell ($1-$200) unused wedding gifts ($300), cds ($50), dvds ($50), tapes ($20), clothes ($50), shoes ($50).



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