Abundant Living- $1600

The abundance project is still on track.  It doesn’t get many visitors here 🙂 but that’s ok because the purpose of this blog is a place for me to share my thoughts and feelings.  I continue to find this project challenging, rewarding and encouraging.

What I would do with the money:

 We’d go to boot camp.  Culinary boot camp.  A long weekend of cooking, baking, and working together.  It even includes the gas to and from the institute.  I think we’d love it.  In fact, I’m filing it away as a romantic getaway for us before we leave the area.

How I’d raise that money:

We’d start an odd job company.  We’d substitute our workouts on equipment at home for good old fashioned yardwork and outdoor maintenance in a walkable distance from our home.  It could really be a year round company.  We’d take appointments for 3 hours on 4 days/week.  We’d work together to mow lawns, weed gardens, rake leaves, shovel snow, wash cars and plant flowers (did I cover all four seasons yet?) .  At a very reasonable $15/hr we’d earn nearly $400/week or $1600/month.  In time, I’d hire the work out to others and really make it profitable after establishing a solid customer base and a reputation for good, hard work.

Three things I’m grateful for this week:

1)  My husband’s patience is awe-inspiring sometimes.  He knows just what to say most of the time to help bring me back to reality and to support my emotional upheavals.  He’s wonderful!

2)  Our internet connection is back in full service this week!

3)  Another possible income source fell into our lap this week.  While it’s likely only going to generate a few hundred dollars it’s still a pretty great amount of money to receive as a surprise in exchange for a few hours of consignment shopping the goods around!

Previous weeks:

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