Quality Time

DH and I have been talking about how we can increase our quality time together.  We are taking a break from classes this semester and feel as though we have a lot of free time.  We’ve squandered much of it (together of course!) playing video games, watching movies, and reading books.  While we’ve enjoyed this time a lot we’re wondering whether or not we might be better served to cancel some of the services (netflix and the like) that distract us from one another and refocusing our efforts on physical time together.

There was a time in our engagement when we had no rental movies, no bookstores, and few video gaming options.  We spent more time together holding hands, making out and… well, physically being together.  At the time it’s what we really wanted.  We’d like to rekindle some of that but notice that our time off now is being filled by other passive interests.  Even though we’re watching a movie or playing a game together, it’s not the same as being completely without media interference.


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