Second Hand Clothes

So, DH and I aren’t big goodwill clothes shoppers.  We have found some great deals there in the past, as students, but I always feel guilty even going in there now that we have jobs and means to buy clearance or even new if we chose at regular stores.  Part of me feels like Goodwill is for people who really need it and that by taking those clothes at $1 or $2 I am, somehow, stealing from those who may need them more.  Am I right about that?

Anyway, I’ve found a new source for second hand clothes.  This year I’ve lost 15 lbs.  At one point I’d lost 20 but, well, you know how diets go.  Anyway, several coworkers have kindly commented on how petite I am and offered their “old clothes” as they’ve gained weight in the past year.  They also asked me where I’d purchased my outfits and I directed them to the site (with my 10% discount coupon) online.  Yesterday I wore a larger shirt to work and several people noticed how much weight I’d “lost” so I’m determined to get rid of some of those bigger clothes.  I have been going the yard sale route but now I’m thinking- why not exchange them with coworkers on a more regular basis??  Two of the people who offered me clothes have great style and buy name brands and take good care of their clothes.  It’s fun to pick out some new clothes and have different things to wear which are new to me and still in great shape.  I would NEVER have thought to exchange clothes with coworkers but now I’m feeling as though it might be a good idea…

So, don’t be too embarrassed to overlook coworkers close to you as a source for secondhand clothes if you’re not venturing into goodwill these days!


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