Cheap Date


Here’s a “cheap date” idea:

The day started with a walk to get coffee.  It was a sunny day and it was enjoyable to hold hands and talk about life as we walked calmly to get to our destination.  We’d received a coffee card last month and had coupons so the coffee was completely free!  An alternative would have been to brew a few cups at home and carry them!  Very tasty.  Then we had about a half hour to spare before the next part of the date, so we walked around the parking lot and looked for spare change.  DH found a penny.  I’d found 6 cents the day before- gotta keep your eyes peeled all the time I tell ya! 

We also used this time to stop into a pharmacy and picked out cards for one another that we thought were cute.  We didn’t buy them- just showed them to each other and kissed 🙂 

Finally we rented a movie (we have a movie store pass- no cable!) and went home to watch it.  Alternative would be picking out a cable movie, watching a favorite movie on VHS, or renting from the library (free!) together.

I’m a cheap date- what can I say?


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