Abundant Living- $800

What I’d buy:

This week I’ve designed a romantic long-weekend getaway for my husband and I.  It is within driving distance so the gas will totally about $200 (2-3 tanks each way for a 10 hr drive).  Budget hotels can be had for less than $100/night and include breakfast!  Two nicer restaurant meals at dinner will likely cost us $200.  That still leaves $200 for two “hole in the wall” lunches (they’re our favorites), activities, and souvenirs while we’re there for approximately 3 days. 

How I’d make that money:

My husband has joined in the spirit of this game and has offered to part with some of his high tech toys that he no longer needs.  The gaming system, games, extra camera, video camera set, and music we no longer use will easily pull in $800!  Total shocker.  Honestly, never saw this one coming and I plan to report back when he actually sells these things later this month because I’m still not believing it.

Gratitude Journal:

-That my husband and I share many opinions on many things- makes life so much easier!

-Sunny, summer days which are quickly coming to an end

-Fine chocolate, this week we had our fill and wow, it is a great experience.  It puts a smile on my face every time!


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