Abundant Living- $400

 In keeping with my Abundant Living series, I am happy to say that I am still finding the project to be quite easy each week.  DH and I have already decided to implement some of these money making ideas over the next year as we simplify our lives and dig down to what really matters to us.  This week’s amount is $400.  It’s funny how this project has already started to affect me.  If I’d thought about $100 a few weeks ago I would have really struggled to figure out how to make an additional $100 without working any overtime at my current job.  Now I find it quite easy to look around our home and see piles of cash in the form of “stuff” just lying about.  I see our money just lying around in piles of material goods here at home and I hope to continue to expand this way of thinking to “find” larger and larger amounts of money in our lives.  I feel the money is probably already there but we just haven’t been seeing it.

How I’d spend $400 today:

I’d purchase the complete Financial Peace University package  (a package product by Dave Ramsey but please know upfront that I’m not an affiliate or compensated by the company in any way for this mention) and bless two family members who desperately need help with debt reduction, savings, and personal finance basics.  They are truly headed for a train wreck and could benefit from the system.  My only request would be that they pass the materials on to someone else in need should they choose not to use them. 

Normally this would cost the entire $400 but as they’re having a 50% off sale on the main site through Labor Day I would still have $100 to invest in my own continuing education.  I’d likely purchase new copies of Jim Cramer’s “Stay Mad For Life” and Thomas Stanley’s “The Millionaire Next Door” as they’re favorites I don’t own yet.  And I’d check out “Thou Shall Prosper” by Daniel Lapin and “Ben Bernanke’s Fed” by Ethan Harris as I’ve been meaning to get a hold of those but haven’t found them yet.  I still believe that financial education is far more powerful long-term than cash in one’s pocket now!

How I’d raise $400 quickly:

I would sell the skis, poles and boots I’ve been keeping in the closet for 3 years and only used half a dozen times.  I really intended to ski more but due to work and school demands and a general disdain for cold weather I found it’s not really enjoyable to do and I’d much prefer to use the cash to improve our financial education and those around us.  The purchase was made when I had not skied in 5 years and decided “Hey, I should do that again!” on an impulse one day and made the purchase after a big check came through at work.  It was a foolish decision although based in the hope that I would use it to improve my physical shape and to be more social with friends on weekends.  In the future I hope to be more careful about impulse buys and purchase nicer versions of items that we currently use daily.

3 things I’m particularly grateful for this week:

1) A steady job and solid income.  I’ve had some hours cut this summer like many others but I have a good income and if I continue to work hard I will have a job to see me through this recession the US is facing.

2) Healthy retirement savings- my husband and I are starting early and hope to complete our retirement savings within 10 years!

3) A strong financial background in formal and personal education and an abundant amount of resources available at local libraries and book stores to continue my education.