Retirement- Is 35 too young?


This has crossed my mind a number of times.  Now, I’m not saying I’m going to make retirement by age 35.  But at this rate, I’m pretty sure DH will as he is a few years younger than me.  He hasn’t even finished his first degree yet.  If we were to retire at his 35th birthday would he have time to really pick and start a career before his early retirement party??

And honestly, what would retirement mean?  Would we stop working completely?  Would we start volunteering our time or travel internationally and help worthy causes for stipends?  Would we cut back to part-time work and refocus our efforts at home on volunteer work and social projects?

Could we celebrate at age 35?  Would ANYONE in real life support us or be happy for us?  Or would we quietly have to do a dinner followed by a lengthy world cruise uncomfortably laughing at work when coworkers suggest we’ll be “paying that trip off for a few years, huh?”?  Could we even admit to our families, who, if still alive despite many years of smoking and alcohol abuse, will likely still be working and not contributing a dime to their own retirements at that age?

These are the questions we regularly ask ourselves.  These are the concerns we frequently wonder about and sometimes I wonder if it somehow keeps us “trapped” and will make us unable to ever cutback or retire should we continue to carry these concerns forward.  If a couple retires young enough to really enjoy their lives, but they aren’t shouting it from the rooftops and quietly continue upon their path, did it really happen?