Abundant Living- $200

I started my own personal “Abundance Project”  one week ago.  The abundant living amount to “spend” this week is $200.

What I’d do with $200 cash:

I had a really interesting week discussing the $100 challenge with friends and family.  This week I’m fantasizing about a fancy candlelight dinner with my husband.  The restaurant calls it a “Feast from the Fields” and includes a five course dinner, fresh from local farms, and paired with wine.  The scenery there is beautiful and the service is exceptional.

To raise the money:

There are 2 ways to do this that I’ve considered.  One is to still visit there, enjoy the scenery and the grounds, and spend roughly $25 for 2 people to have breakfast on the scenic patio.  It’s a similar experience and within our reach.  Of course we were still hungry when we got home… the word feast is pushing it.  The other way would be to raise the $200.  We could do that by selling off unused wedding gifts on ebay.  We have a steak knife set, a large serving platter set, several wooden photo albums, and an entire bathroom set of unused towels, shower curtain and accessories. 

Gratitude Journal:

I’m about 20 lbs. lighter this year than last year.

I’m making healthier choices about eating than last year.

I got new birthday gifts to support my goal for more consistent exercise!