Taking the Bite out of Grocery Bills

DH and I faithfully shop at Costco.  For the first 6 months of our marriage we trekked to the grocery store weekly.  DH reminded me of our many hours spent gazing at lunch meats last summer saying… “Which is a better deal this week?  The $1.50 ham or the $1.69 beef?”  or our many struggles in the dairy aisle comparison shopping the cost of yogurt.  Was this 0.99 yogurt larger than the 0.84 yogurt or just more expensive?  How much sugar did it have?

Costco has shortened our trips significantly (even with the 5 minute waits for samples once in awhile behind the lady with 8 kids who is feeding her children lunch at the samples counter).  We now know that the stuff we buy over and over again (bread, rice, chicken, frozen vegetables) will always be the same price, the same brand and the same # pounds.  I can’t tell you how many times we would find a great bag of chicken at the store and then not see it again for weeks.  We’d often hit 2-3 grocery stores trying to find “the deals” and it was such a waste of time.  We easily stay under our $300 grocery budget eat month and still have plenty left to go out to eat a few times.  And by the answers I received to this question on www.networthiq.com I’d say we’re doing pretty well to eat for that amount of money consistently each month!

I’m grateful that we have a warehouse store closeby.  I’m sad that our discount store does not really “discount” the food and doesn’t have meat.  And my only wish is that our warehouse store sold gas too!!