Passion for Travel

DH and I have a passion for travel.  While I’ve visited many countries and been blessed with several opportunities to learn languages and visit other areas of the globe during my formal education, DH’s first international trip was our honeymoon!  We agreed that we would start a map of our travels.  We purchased 2 large paper maps and put them up in our living room.  One is the world map and the other is the US map.  I had visited 40% of the US and nearly 10% of the world on my own before we were married.  My goal is to show DH the world and enjoy my travels twice as much now that he is by my side.  We like to track our travels on and learn more about upcoming trips there.

Singles and travellers seeking new friends can also form relationships there.  In addition to learning about others, I’ve been able to share recommendations for where to eat, what to see and where to stay in my local area for other travellers.

I’ve added the map link to the blogroll and recommend making your own travel map if travel is a passion for you as well.  It’s humbling to note just how many countries are out there and how few even a well-seasoned traveller has actually visited!