30 day Abundant Living Project

This is a great idea I found over at http://millionairemommynextdoor.com and wanted to implement for myself over the next year.

Basically, it’s an exercise to expand your way of thinking.  Imagine what you would do with $100 the first week.  Double that each week you participate in the project (week 2=$200, week 3=$400, etc).  Consider how you could raise that sum of money to meet your goals and wishes.  Then, express gratitude for something in your life presently.

I’m so tight with money that I am really having a hard time deciding how I might spend $100.  Last night was a great celebration for me.  We went out to eat with friends at an exotic restaurant ($30), visited the movie theater ($20) and had specialty coffees at a cafe ($10).  I’m grateful that even on days we are splurging that we still know how to stretch a buck.  The cost of our celebration still didn’t total $100. 

How I’d spend my first $100:

I guess I would focus it on myself and being pampered- a massage, a manicure and a pedicure at the local salon.  That would really be very “me focused” and in fact a weekly massage is one of the things I would love to have included in my perfect life if I was doing all of the things I love on a weekly basis.

To make an extra $100

We’re ready for another yard sale.  We decluttered recently and are gearing up for a yard sale.  While I don’t enjoy having them I have a good friend (an angel really) who loves them and doesn’t mind hosting my goods in exchange for a coffee.  I usually bring good stuff by which draws in more buyers.  She’s a great negotiator.  I don’t put any demands on the goods I give her.  She has free rein to negotiate with buyers for a good, but fair, price on anything I give her and she rewards me with the cash afterward.  She also knows to giveaway goods to anyone who appears to really be struggling and in need of a particular item (ie a homeschooling mother who took 3 large plastic tubs of old teaching materials for $1 last summer).  I’m going to finish packing up the stuff today in the car and drive it over to her place!

Things I’m grateful for this week:

-my coworkers have elected me to begin managerial training a year earlier than many others have started because they have faith in my abilities there (even while I’m still doubting myself!)

-my husband went all out for my birthday and gave me a much needed massage as well as a great dinner and date night out to make me feel special

-lots of friends and family called and emailed to say happy birthday even though I’m feeling too old to even be celebrating anymore